Access to Counselling and Psychotherapy at Bangkok Counselling Service is open to all who would like to access and use the support we offer. The areas of work and client groups that Bangkok Counselling Service has extensive experience working with include.


(This list is for information and is not exhaustive)


Couples & Relationship Issues
We work with couples and those with relationship issues. We can support you individually or together to talk about your individual hopes and responsibilities. We will support you in making room for change, exploring repeating cycles and behaviors to allow your relationship to evolve and develop. You will develop better understanding of each other and improve communication.


Eating Concerns

We work with clients who have an adversarial relationship with food and body.  Some examples include, but not limited to, irregular or chaotic eating, fasting, bingeing, purging, dieting, emotional eating, feeling remorse or guilt after eating, preoccupation with food and weight, and over exercising. We can help clients sort through these concerns to have a more positive perception and relationship with food and their body.

Sex Therapy

We work with male clients with sexual problems such as arousal, premature ejaculation as well as addiction and compulsion issues. Counselling can help to resolve these issues, so that you can develop a healthy sex life. Sexual problems can be addressed, whether or not you have a partner.


We have extensive experience in Sexual Health and HIV counselling and work with clients who have been diagnosed HIV positive and want to explore the impact the virus has on their lives and those around them. We also work with those who are concerned about becoming infected with HIV.


Survivors of Sexual Abuse

We work with clients who have experienced childhood sexual abuse. We work in the present, to address the current emotional impact of events from the past. This may include talking about the abuse that was experienced, though more importantly will focus on the feelings and emotions that are impacting on your life today.



We work with people with drug (both prescribed and non-prescribed) and alcohol problems, with people struggling to cope with change, whether that is in accepting that they cannot use drugs and or alcohol in a social context or to support them to reduce their consumption of their chemical of choice. A harm minimisation or harm reduction model recognises that we all have the capacity to change our behaviour and we make choices based on the information that we have available to us. We also recognise that abstinence is a healthy choice and that when a chemical is consumed there can be positive and negative impacts on our physical and psychological health. We provide individual and at times group work sessions for people with drug issues and people with alcohol issues.


Significant Loss or Trauma

We work with clients who have experienced a significant loss or traumatic event(s) in their life. We work in the present, to address the current emotional impact of events from the past. This may or may not include exploring/ talking about such experiences, though more importantly will focus on the feelings and emotions that are impacting on your life today.


Sexuality & Identity

We work with clients who are struggling to understand their sexuality, gender or other identity issue whatever that is. We work from a gay affirming perspective believing that being lesbian, gay or bisexual is healthy and natural. We support clients, working with them at their pace to become more accepting of themselves, recognising their own individuality as a whole person.


Mood Concerns

We work with clients who are struggling with sadness, loneliness, hopelessness, worthlessness, helplessness, depression and mood swings, as well as difficulty with concentration, intense fear, worry, guilty, irritability, anxiety, and panic attacks. Over time, these conditions prevent clients from reaching their fullest potential and/or experience satisfaction in life. We work with clients to identify sources as well as implementing strategies to minimize such concerns.


Change and Adjustment

We work with people struggling to cope with change in their relationships, environment, employment or health, also with people adapting to cultural change, whether that is moving to a new city or country, or those struggling to accept cultural differences in their relationship. We will help you to recognize how this change has happened and what steps you can take to become more accepting of any situation, how to manage it and how to move forward.


Young People

The BCS Wellbeing Project supports young people aged 11 – 18 years in 3 ways. Through Individual Wellbeing: 1 to 1 emotional support for young people, through Wellbeing Family Work available to the young person’s whole family and Wellbeing Group Work available to schools. Our group work and psycho-educational program explores issues specific to young people’s stage of development and is available to schools wanting to provide an inclusive program addressing specific topics relevant to each year group.